Hey Beautiful Souls! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I am Fredricka, Ricka or Drika, an ordinary woman with an extra ordinary passion about rewriting subconscious programming and personal development. Growth and learning is a lifestyle for me. I have an unwavering belief that no matter what it is, if we change they way we perceive things we can change the way life responds to us.

My greatest and most rewarding work is being a mother to my two daughters, they are the reason why I started to do this work, I feel in love and became committed to it along the way.

Being a  single mom raised by 3 generations of teenage mothers was a pattern that I wanted my daughters to know that they could change, we are not victims of our circumstances but products of our decisions. I was raised on programs of struggle, a mindset of scarcity and lived with the fear of not measuring up to what I thought were my fathers expectations of me. I wanted to teach them that just as programs can be written then can be rewritten, mindsets can be changed and the only standard qualified to measure us was our own, success is how we define it.

My gift to my daughters is nurture their belief to become whatever they wish to be and to provide an environment where they can do it without apologies. It is my wish that they would always see the opportunities in life, not the limitations, the lessons and not the mistakes. To give a gift we must first possess it. To do this I had to  free myself of  judgments, release the shame that is associated with being a single mom and to show up in my truth and with authenticity. For the past 15 years I have committed  a part of each day to my life to own personal development and growth, I start each morning with a session. In 2012 after my girlfriend shared a dvd of The Secret with me I made a commitment to not only share this gift with my children but to learn the art and science of coaching and  share this gift to others. In 2014 I became a certified success coach, since then I have been enrolled in programs and trainings with industry leaders and world changers to expand my knowledge hone my craft.

It is my passion to empower others, to show up in support and in belief  of their dreams, to encourage them to live in the truth,  to hold space for them to release  shame, guilt and fear, to facilitate healing and forgiveness, to help others to find the courage to say to yes to their yes’s and no to their no’s.

There are no frills or fluff about me, I wear my truth on my sleeves, I adjust my beliefs with awareness, I share my light and darkness, my successes and challenges, my strengths and weaknesses, my agreements and disagreements. I believe in love, respect and kindness.  I honor Spirit, hold science in high regard, show tolerance to all and I do my best to treat others the way they wish to be treated.  I love to travel, go beaching and vacation in the summer like school aged children. I am an entrepreneur by heart, it is written in my dna, so I am always learning how I can become better.

Surrendering to the gift of motherhood allowed me to see the greater call on my life, to be a catalyst for those who are ready to expand their awareness, embrace their authenticity and live in their magnificence.  This is work that I love and I enjoy doing, this is my service to the people I get to interact with.