Hey Beautiful Souls! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I am Fredricka, Ricka or Drika, an ordinary woman with an extra ordinary passion about rewriting subconscious programming and personal development, it consumes me. I have an unwavering belief that no matter what it is, if we change they way we perceive things we can change the way life responds to us.

My greatest and most rewarding work is being a mother and best friends to my two daughters, Fredrea and Cartier. They are truly the reason why I do this work. Being a teenage single mom raised by 3 generations of teenage mothers was tough, I was raised on programs of struggle, lack and not enough, I wanted my daughters to see the opportunities in life not the limitations, determined to give them more hope than was afforded to me I started to do this work within me. When my default programming would set in one look into the eyes of my daughters was all I needed to RESET me. Because of how they have helped me to live more expansively I have dedicated my life to helping and supporting others to do the same and I love it.

It is my passion to serve and empower others, to show up in support and in belief of your dreams, to say without judgment “live in your truth”,  to hold space for you to release shame, guilt and fear, to facilitate healing and forgiveness, to help you to find the courage to say to yes to everything that helps you to live the life you truly desire.

There are no frills or fluff about me, I wear my truth on my sleeves, I adjust my beliefs with awareness, I share my light and darkness, my successes and challenges, my strengths and weaknesses, my agreements and disagreements. I believe in love, respect, kindness and Universal Oneness.  I honor Spirit, hold science in high regard, show tolerance to all and I do my best to treat others the way I wish to be treated.   

As I surrender to my higher call and ascend on my journey to honoring and harmonizing the Divine Feminine & Masculine within me I cannot ignore the greater call on my life to be a catalyst for those who are ready to expand their awareness, embrace their authenticity and live in their divine truth.